10 Key Buyer Behaviors You Must Know In Marketing

10 Key Buyer Behaviors You Must Know In Marketing

For a company to be successful, it needs sales and revenue. You need to ensure your sales team is well seasoned on the art of the deal and the psychology that goes behind a purchase. I will list out the TEN marketing buyer behaviors must have sales techniques you need in your sales department!

1.) People tend to follow the crowd.

Most humans like to imitate what others are doing. When we are unsure about something, we look to see what others are doing. We ask ourselves, “How do other people feel about this product? What choices are others making? What do people think about this?” Then we go look on social media or review websites to find those answers.

You should have testimonials and case studies on your website and in your marketing collateral.

2.) Humans are always searching for something.

People tend to be dissatisfied with life and spend it searching for intangibles. Make sure you identify the problem or pain point in your customer’s lives and work towards showing them how you solve it.

3.) People are suspicious.

With so many scams today, people have naturally become more suspicious of a brand they don’t recognise. You need to be able to back up all of your claims with evidence, in the form of testimonials, surveys, endorsements, and any other type of data you have collected. Make their decision as easy as possible by eliminating all of the risks they have in their minds.

4.) People do love to buy.

People love new gadgets, new services or new products they’ve never experienced before. New things are fun and people like to be sold these things, however, what people do not love is when they’ve been lied to or tricked into buying something worthless. When selling to people, use “help” instead of “sell”. Try to build trust first with offering your expertise, then sell them something later.

5.) Do not force sell.

People can relate to people - Marketing Buying Behaviors

If someone says no, then leave them be. However, if someone doesn’t give you a firm no, then continue to try and pursue them up to seven times. Until they say no, you can continue to sweeten the deal each time you reach out in hopes they bite. If they just become unresponsive after a while, it’s time to move on.

6.) People can relate to people.

People can relate to people

In your content, be sure to mention people’s names, personal pronouns, quotes from famous people, customer testimonials, and photos of past satisfied clientele.

7.) People want value.

People Want Values - Marketing Buyer Behaviors

You must be able to show your customer the value they will receive when buying your product. The value must exceed asking price in their eyes. Of course, the higher the value they see relative to your asking price, the higher your sales chances become.

8.) People are very egocentric.

People are very egocentric- Marketing Buyer Behaviors

Most humans measure themselves against others, and if you ask them to do something for you, they immediately question, “What’s in it for me?” You need to offset this by showing them how much money they can save, or how much better quality their life will become if they buy your product.

9.) People want to see the facts to justify their decisions.

see the facts to justify their decisions

In your advertising content, you need to include any facts you can about your product or services. If I were looking to buy a new MacBook from Apple, I would need to see all the technical specifics before making the purchase. So include any facts you can.

10.) People buy based on their emotions.

People buy based on their emotions - Marketing Buyer Behaviors

You should include as many intangible benefits as possible when selling your product or services. Intangible benefits are what make people feel good about purchasing from you. One example would be your “Why”. Why do people purchase from Apple? It’s because buying Apple products make people feel cool, trendy, sleek and wealthy.

There you have it, those are ten reasons, and there are so many more, stay tuned for more sales techniques on GoPakistan.com!

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    • Kabir Chohan
    • On: May 11, 2018

    Very good article on buyer. I think most important thing is value. You have to show much benefits you are getting on buying or using one product. If you can quantify and show bigger picture like saving for 6-12Mo it really works …

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