8 Tip Guide To An Amazing Fiverr Profile That Gets Sales!

8 Tip Guide To An Amazing Fiverr Profile That Gets Sales!

With so much competition on Fiverr, what are some of the ways to help your Fiverr profile stand out? You should absolutely follow this guide or else you will struggle to gain traction against the top Fiverr sellers.

Okay, so I recently discovered the fantastic gig portal known as Fiverr. As a consumer needing to get work done, I love the prices. I used to think most tasks such as content writing, digital media creation or hiring a company spokesperson would cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars to have done. However, on Fiverr, I find most of these services for less than USD 100. No longer do I have to go to a high priced agency to have someone manage my SEO for me, I can now just search on Fiverr.

I want to share with you which Fiverr profiles get my attention and which ones don’t. I was also curious to see what the top Fiverr sellers did to help their Fiverr profile stand out against the competition. I know that Pakistan has one of the largest freelance populations in the world, and I have worked with Pakistanis for so long, that I can easily spot Pakistani profiles from the rest and most of them do not follow the same guidelines that the top Fiverr sellers do.

Would a not so trained eye be able to detect a Pakistani profile, probably not, but they will locate some of the mistakes that Pakistani profiles make and that might cost a sale or two. Before all of you email me and say that people in other countries make mistakes too, I’ll say that I am fully aware that is true, this article can and should help anyone that wants to create a profile on Fiverr.

So, without further delay!

Here is the Guide To 8 Ways To Make Your Fiverr Profile Stand Out!

1.) Absolutely no misspelled words, no grammar mistakes, and make sure your content makes sense.

It is shocking to me to see how many profiles do not follow these simple rules. I see content writer profiles that can’t even spell simple words, form real sentences and the content they wrote for their profile makes no sense. Why in the world would I hire a writer that can’t even write one paragraph correctly? Now that I think about it, I should be happy their profile tipped me off that their writing ability is subpar, this way I wouldn’t have wasted any time in hiring them.

Let’s say you are not a writer, but you’re a designer, so this means writing isn’t your primary focus. This means you can get away with someone else writing your profile content. I have a novel idea! HIRE A FIVERR PRO TO WRITE YOUR PROFILE FOR YOU! It will be well worth the money spent to have a squeaky clean and professionally written profile.

2.) Record A Video Of Yourself Explaining Your Gig or DON’T.

It’s a fact from Fiverr, that video introductions increase sales by 200%. That’s a considerable number. Just having a 20 – 30-second video explaining your gig will put you ahead of 85% of other Fiverr profiles that don’t have them. Videos build trust, and they create brand recognition.

Videos build trust, and they create brand recognition.

Now, why did I say “or DON’T”? If you are uncomfortable being in front of a camera, or if you have a very heavy accent that you don’t think will help you get sales, then once again, HIRE A FIVERR SPOKESPERSON TO REPRESENT YOU! You can hire Fiverr spokespeople to say any name you want and have them speak professionally in front of the camera on your behalf. Is it dishonest? I don’t think so, as long as you communicate very well via text through Fiverr and perform the work very well, then what’s the harm? You likely never be face to face with your Fiverr clients, so they won’t see that you aren’t the person in the video.

Sometimes we have to use life-hacks to our advantage; big corporations do it all the time. Yes, large corporations use actors ALL the time to represent their brand. They have actors claim they have medical conditions, etc. when in reality these are just paid actors saying a script. Join the big boys and hire yourself an actor too. Make sure you hire a Fiverr writer to write your script!

If you don’t want to write your own profile, I’ll do it for you. Click this banner and contact me.
Randall Agee Fiverr Profile - Professional Profile Writer

3.) Explain Your Gig Clearly and Efficiently.

Tell us, consumers, what it is you will do for them, how high the quality of work is, and what your guarantee is. Again, I highly recommend you hire a Fiverr content writer to help you with this if you are unsure of how to make it perfect. Tell them what you want it to say and what kind of tone you want it to have. For USD $10 you’ll have a sure-fire winner.

4.) Have Awesome Up-sells.

I usually order the up-sells when I buy from a gig because the gig itself is so cheap, I might as well add one of their up-sells. So, you should follow this strategy. Have your gigs competitively priced, but throw in awesome up-sells to get people like me to give you more money. Up-sells can be anything to allowing extra revisions, completing the project in a faster time frame, or allowing more words in your content article.

5.) Communicate Like It’s Your Last Chance.

For me, this is probably the golden secret to earning my business. I LOVE COMMUNICATION. I am always impressed when I message someone, and I get a response right away. Timely responses are a key to my heart. If you respond right away every time I need to speak with you, then I am going be your repeat customer over and over as long as your quality is high. If you can’t respond to messages quickly, then enlist your spouse, children, parents or whoever else might be able to help you. Timely communication is such a huge part of being successful as a freelancer. Freelancers that are hard to get a hold of aren’t freelancers for long.

Freelancers that are hard to get a hold of aren’t freelancers for long.

6.) Always Under Promise and Over Deliver

This is another huge key to gaining a lot of business. Never try to sell me the moon when all you can deliver is a pebble. I have run into this a lot in the past when working with Indian and Pakistani firms. These firms are so focused on making the initial sale that they promise me they can deliver anything my heart could desire. I quickly find out that isn’t the case at all as I watch my projects fall apart.

It’s OK to say NO I can’t do that. Setting low expectations for your clients is OK. If you set their expectations correctly knowing you will be able to blow them away when you deliver, then they will be so impressed with your work you are sure to get that 5-star rating.  You need 5-star ratings to be successful on Fiverr; this is a huge way to get 5-star ratings.

7.) Make Sure You Focus On Delivering Quality Over Quantity

Again, Fiverr’s rating system is so important to making sales; you need to slow down your pace at getting new sales and focus highly on delivering quality. Nothing kills a services-based business faster than not being able to deliver. If you take on too many gigs too quickly without having your processes and systems in place, then are you doomed.

Take it slow for the first few months, find out what being a Fiverr vendor is all about. Learn how to do your job better from each gig you sell. Each time you perform your gig, you will do it faster than the last time. Iron out a workflow on how you will handle your Fiverr gigs. Will you spend 10 hours per week or 40? What times per day will you work and who will attend to answering Fiverr customer questions?

After completing 10 – 20 gigs, you’ll be a professional on how to handle customers, and how to deliver your gig perfectly. Remember, do not oversell what you can handle, Whereas always focus on delivering high quality.

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8.) Become a Level One Seller As Fast As Possible

To become a level one seller on Fiverr, you have to have made around ten sales and earned around $400. See the complete Fiverr Level One Requirements list here. Indeed as a level one seller, you get extra benefits like having 10 active gigs, having up to four extra add-ons, and you can send custom estimates to your clients. Again, click on the link to see the list of requirements and perks you can receive.

There you have it. I hope you follow my list and find some of my profile creation hacks useful. Remember it’s more about NOT turning off a customer more than it is about impressing them on Fiverr. With so many terrible profiles on Fiverr, it shouldn’t be hard to stand out from the pack, just make sure you aren’t among the terrible ones. If anyone has other tips I didn’t include, please list them in the comments below!

If you need help with your Fiverr profile, I now offer that service. I can re-write your Fiverr, Upwork, LinkedIn profile for you and I assure you it will be better than my own!



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