GoPakistan is the brainchild of American Randall Agee. Randall Agee is a leading software development staffing entrepreneur based in the United States of America.

The story goes back to 2008 when Randall needed technical expertise that he did not posses to complete some very complicated projects for one of his clients. He had to turn to oDesk.com for help.8


Prior to this experience, he had never spoken to anyone about offshoring or outsourcing any type of work, especially anyone from Pakistan. Randall says, “I recall after I posted that first job I started getting bids from all over Asia. I was quite shocked at the number of Pakistani bids that were coming in. I had no idea about Pakistan. I certainly had never talked to a Pakistani and I was under the impression that it was too risky to work with a Pakistani company or freelancer.”

He continues, “However, I also noticed that the cover letters from the Pakistani companies were much more articulate than the other country’s bidders. My curiosity was peaked, so I responded to a few Pakistani companies. The first guy I spoke with on Skype absolutely blew me away. His name was Imran Ahmed and after just thirty minutes of speaking with him, we felt like old pals. It literally felt like he could have grown up in my small hometown of Oklahoma. I couldn’t believe the similarities that we shared. We loved the same music, movies and food. We shared the same jokes and he was just like one of my best friends that I had when I was younger.” He says, “Of course I had to give him a shot at my project, and his company succeeded with flying colors.”

From that point on he was sold on Pakistan. He did another much larger project right afterwards and from there he found another friendship that would turn his life in a completely new direction. The developer he had on that project was named Raheel Afzal. Raheel and Randall developed a very special bond that you can only gain through hard work, complete dedication to one another and with one hundred percent trust.

In 2009, Raheel and Randall started mutual companies for the purpose of matching American companies needing supplemental software development staff with amazing Pakistani software developers. Their companies have been in operation for nearly a decade and are one of the leading offshore staffing companies in Pakistan and the USA.

“We have an amazing team that has bonded like family and our mission is to spread cultural understanding amongst Pakistanis and Americans so we can all live in a better place.”, says Randall.

GoPakistan is a collection of Randall’s experiences working with Pakistanis for over ten years. He will be writing blogs, articles and creating videos to help the youth of Pakistan succeed in building businesses and in their personal career growth. Randall has spend a lot of time answering questions individually on platforms like LinkedIn, and now it’s time to answer those questions in a more efficient way to reach as many people in Pakistan that are interested in his content.

Here are some of Randall’s recommendations over the years from his amazing employees in Pakistan. Learn all about Randall’s secrets to leadership at GoPakistan.com.