Be an Incredible Leader Without The Ego

Be an Incredible Leader Without The Ego

People that conduct themselves with major egocentric personalities make for terrible leaders and team members. Be an incredible leader without the ego!

Have you ever had a leader in your professional or personal life that you loved and adored? One that you would follow to the end of the Earth and work extra hard to ensure you helped them fulfill their vision? If you answered yes, then let’s think about what qualities they had that attracted you to them.

Chances are they lead by example, they lead with humility, and they lead with passion. I would also guess they had a clear vision in their minds of who they were and what they wanted to accomplish. Lastly and most importantly, I bet they didn’t have an ego!

I hear from a lot of employees about their previous companies in Pakistan. They tell us their past companies had leaders and managers that yelled at them and had terrible egos that made the work environment frazzled and fractured.

They lead with their egos and would push employees to get them to comply rather than to inspire their employees into following them. When you push people you have no idea which direction they will go, but if you lead people they will follow you. If you lead people without an ego then they will be more productive, they will respect you and they will follow you anywhere.

When you push people you have no idea which direction go, but if you be a leader without the ego they will follow you.

I do not like to be around people that have massive egos that continuously need feeding. I certainly do not like being in a company that has egotistical personalities. To me, ego is one of the roots that grow toxic work environments.

When people are self-serving and only care about themselves, they become a colossal liability for the company as they are the ones that leave a trail of destruction wherever they go. One has to look no further than the U.S.A.’s current president, Donald Trump. This man is leaving massive trails of destruction as his primary and most significant concern is feeding his ego. He’s broken a record for the most cabinet member firings and resignations for such a short time in office. Ego’s are one of the most substantial barriers to people and teams working together successfully.

Here are telltale signs of someone with an ego.

We can identify egos in two different ways.

The number one way is false pride. False pride is when someone has an over-inflated opinion of themselves. They often seek credit from everyone else and spend most of their days promoting themselves. This trait is tiring for everyone that has to endure it.

The number two way is self-doubt or fear. This is when someone has a very low opinion of themselves. This causes people to become obsessed with their shortcomings, and they become addicted to overcoming those shortcomings. When a manager or leader has ego affliction, it will erode the effectiveness of the people they manage.

Managers that are overcome their shortcomings with a false sense of pride become very controlling. They have a tough time admitting fault or being wrong, and this causes the people they lead to feel hopeless. These people also do not support people below them as they consume themselves with “sucking up” to the bosses to gain their favor.

The problem with ego centric individuals is that they don’t admit to any mistakes.

The problem with egocentric individuals is that they don’t admit to any mistakes. They blame others and always look to throw anyone else under the bus to save their own asses. They are un-coachable and therefore make terrible team members, leaders or managers. After a time, they make everyone around them miserable due to the self-promoting, the controlling and the belittling they do to everyone else.

My Own Personal Experience With Staying Humble

At the risk of sounding egotistical, I pride myself on being able to keep my central core of managers intact at my company for over eight years now. Not hardly a soul has left our company’s management ranks during this time. I like to think the reason for it is this:

  • I am always open to admitting and accepting my mistakes and I vow to learn from my mistakes.
  • My aim is to provide a lot of praise to team members that do well, while never asking for recognition for myself.
  • I keep an open door policy for anyone in the company to talk to me about anything.
  • I don’t control anyone, I just set expectations for them and hold them accountable to maintain those expectations.
  • I encourage people to bring fresh ideas to me because obviously, I can’t think of everything

When I was in Pakistan, I sat with my developers in the development hall and worked alongside them. I didn’t want any special treatment. If their work environments are good enough for them, then it’s good enough for me. A humble leader without an ego doesn’t require treatment that is any different than anyone else. You see, people feel comfortable working for a leader that isn’t driven by their ego.

A company is a direct reflection of its leadership. I hired top managers that I liked to work with based on them having similar attitudes as me. Eventually, they hired workers that also reflected the same values. When we did make a mistake and hired people that had egos, the situation quickly corrected itself. It didn’t take long for those people to expose themselves and get weeded out of the company.

When you have a company full of non-ego driven people, your company thrives because people are more focused on making the team successful instead of themselves.

Be an Incredible Leader without THE EGO! 

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