Desperate Need For Blood Donations In Pakistan

Desperate Need For Blood Donations In Pakistan

I will start this with a question.

“How often have you faced the issue of arranging blood (for you, your family members, or your patients)?”

I believe it is rare that anyone from Pakistan can say they have never needed or have never known someone that needed a blood transfusion. The lack of blood donations in Pakistan is a significant concern to our society. Blood is the essence of life, and unfortunately, it is scarce when it is needed the most. In Pakistan, mostly the patient’s family members are the primary blood donors or the blood is purchased/replaced from the blood banks.

A common misunderstanding about blood donation in Pakistan is that victims of accidents or natural disaster victims are the only patients who need blood. This shared belief simply isn’t the case.

Here is a small list of other instances where people need blood donations:

  • Mothers experiencing labor complications
  • Patients undergoing major surgeries
  • Children undergoing chemotherapy treatments
  • Premature babies
  • Patients suffering from severe anemia
  • People with thalassemia and sickle cell disease need blood on a regular basis.

According to the Red Cross’s statistics, after the 9/11 attacks on the United States, there was a massive surplus of blood donations and over 5000 pints (bags) of blood were wasted. All of this extra blood was wasted because blood has a limited lifespan and cannot be stored for long periods of time. As fresh and healthy blood can only be used for blood transfusions, no country can fulfill the growing needs of patients without a procedure based on voluntary/unpaid blood donations on a regular basis.

Despite 69 percent of the population in Pakistan being under 30 years old, only 10 percent of our available blood comes from volunteer donors. According to the statistics of World Health Organisation (W.H.O), 37% of the population is eligible to donate blood, but only 5% actually do. This number shows that there is a severe shortage of active/volunteer blood donors in Pakistan. It is our dire need of the day to fulfill the overwhelming demand for healthy and fresh available blood. Being responsible citizens, we need to step up and present ourselves for blood donations on a regular basis, especially for the patients of thalassemia who need blood transfusions at least twice a month. Regular blood donations volunteered by a sufficient number of healthy people are needed to ensure that safe/healthy blood is available whenever or wherever it is needed.

Blood donors play a vital role in the healthcare of patients in the community. Many potential blood donors have a fear of donating blood either due to medical issues or they have some lame excuses/reasons. The human body creates about 4 million red cells every 2 seconds, so it only takes a couple of weeks to build up and store the fresh blood. With this in mind, our bodies are blood producing factories and healthy people have no excuse to not give their healthy blood to people that desperately need it.

Realizing this very important problem in our daily human lives, “The Blood Community” mobile application was developed by CodeMatics. It is the first app of its kind in which blood can be easily arranged in a short amount of time. The app contains information about registered donors throughout Pakistan, and these donors can be contacted via SMS or phone call when blood is needed. Also, just as importantly, there is a section where users can make a request for blood and donors can respond to those queries.

This mobile application is available on both Google and Apple stores. Register yourself as a volunteer donor and help the community with saving lives with your donation.

Google Play Store:

Apple Store:


Facebook Page:

This is a totally non-profit community effort having volunteer ambassadors in almost all major cities of Pakistan. I encourage you to participate in this cause and take part in saving people’s lives in need of blood. Also, I would really appreciate you if you can assist in creating awareness within your communities by organizing interactive awareness sessions and creating opportunities for blood donations.

Once you are willing to become a volunteer ambassador of The Blood Community, leave the rest to us. We provide everything you need from start to finish such as marketing material and training. From schools to universities, businesses to markets, religious organizations to community gatherings, The Blood Community can be shared just about anywhere.

An enthusiastic, responsible ambassador is one of the primary keys to the success of The Blood Community. A Blood Community representative will be assigned to the ambassador and will work closely with him/her to plan a memorable lifesaving event. This way, we together, will be able to spread the word around every corner of the country.

Blood is the most valuable gift that anyone can give to someone, a gift of life. A decision of donating your blood can save a life, or even many lives if it is separated into its components. Every blood donation delivers strength, confidence, and courage to patients and their families. By donating blood, imagine the lives that could be touched by your gift. It is a quick, simple and amazing way to give back to the community. It is a satisfying, potent and heartening experience that your donation can save lives

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