Hey Pakistan, You Have Mental Healthcare Issues!

Hey Pakistan, You Have Mental Healthcare Issues!

Every country on Earth has a population that needs mental health services to provide for those suffering from grief, addiction, abuse, hopelessness, attention deficit issues, anxiety, depression, and so many more. Pakistan is NO different from any other nation when it comes to mental healthcare issues, and it’s time we change the perception of those people that seek help. Pakistani men, I especially want you to read this whole article.

May Is Mental Mental Healthcare Issues Awareness Month

May Is Mental Awareness Month

Pakistani men, I especially want you to read this whole article. 

I know talking about mental health issues is still widely taboo in the Pakistani society, but I ask you why? Can anyone give me a solid answer as to why admitting that you need or see a counselor is somehow immediately associated with shame? If a culture doesn’t allow it’s people to talk out their problems and seek counseling due to shaming or ridiculing, then that culture is adding fuel to the fire and further harming itself from advancing. Let me explain.

A lot of things I will talk to my readers about on GoPakistan, has to do with progression and helping Pakistan leap to being a more significant force on the world stage. Not every topic will be business related. I feel that mental health is more important than any other subject because, how can your country succeed if a majority of the people don’t have the right mindset or are suffering internally with no way to get help.

In the United States, seeking mental help from a counselor was also taboo, 20-30 YEARS AGO! We would think that person was weak or unstable because they can’t figure out their problems by themselves. Back then, our mindset was that only CRAZY or clinically INSANE people needed a counselor. We as a nation created a toxic environment by putting this social stigma around the entire mental health industry, and no telling how many people in need didn’t see a counselor because of it.

Signs of Depression - Mental Healthcare Issues

Signs of Depression – Mental Healthcare Issues

Here Are Times I Needed A Counselor

The United States has opened up these days to mental healthcare issues, and it is far less of a social taboo for you to admit you see a counselor. I have seen lots of counselors over the past fifteen years. I have struggled with many things that I didn’t have anyone to turn to for guidance or help.

My wife and I have seen marriage counselors off and on during our sixteen-year marriage, and those counselors did wonders for us. Eight years ago, I went to an older male counselor for a while, and he was terrific for just mentorship.He taught me that it’s ok to say no to people, how to better stand up for myself, how not to allow people to guilt me into doing what they wanted me to do, etc. Twenty years ago, I lost my father to a car accident, he was 39 years old, and I needed help in how to grieve such a tremendous loss. Most recently a counselor helped my mother and I reconcile our relationship.

So you see, counselors are GOOD and do wonders if you give them a chance. Was I CRAZY or INSANE for having these issues that needed help with? NO, these were regular issues, and I needed help from a professional. Am I happier today because I talked out my problems with someone trained to listen to them? Of course! Counselors have helped me keep my life on track and pointed me in the direction I wanted to go.

Pakistan, Time To Wake Up To Mental Health

Pakistan, by the sheer fact of denying people to seek counseling due to this “taboo,” you are in denial that regular ordinary people need help. Denial itself is a mental health problem! So if you’ve ever ridiculed someone or thought negative thoughts about counseling, then you have a pride issue.

Being too prideful is harmful to you and people around you. Being able to open up as a society and talk about all the everyday shit that people face, makes for a lower stressed, happier society. Who wants to keep all of that negative baggage inside you and carry it around your whole life? After a while those bags get heavy, and you aren’t able to function happily anymore.

With a counselor, you can talk to someone confidentially and tell them about times you were hurt or times you may have hurt someone else. You are able to offload your baggage in a healthy way. Seriously, it works wonders! You walk away from those sessions feeling like a million bucks. You feel lighter, happier and more hopeful for a brighter day.

EVERYONE suffers from some form of mental healthcare issues even if it’s something temporary.

EVERYONE suffers from some form of mental illness even if it’s something temporary. We all have baggage that we are carrying around.

Whether it’s:

  • a mother-in-law and wife not getting along,
  • pressure to provide for your family,
  • not living up to father’s expectations,
  • not feeling like your spouse is interested in you anymore,
  • being addicted to some drug or bad habit,
  • not having a good relationship with your children,
  • losing a close friend or family member

There is something that is eating at every person on this planet.

So yes, Pakistan, you have mental health issues just like every other country. It’s time to admit it, and let people seek a professional counselor’s help no matter how big or small. It’s not always healthy to talk to a family member about mental stresses in your life. Family members can gossip and turn your most coveted secrets against you, or they find ways to turn your weaknesses against you when it’s convenient for them. A counselor doesn’t do this.

My Message To Pakistani Men

I hope you all can learn a lesson from me, especially men. Men are more closed off and guarded than women. Men hold onto their problems because men do not want to appear weak. I have aired out some of the times I needed counseling for the whole world to see in this blog post. You know what? I don’t give a damn what anyone thinks.

You know why? Because I know everyone that reads this has also struggled with something similar whether they want to admit it or not. There is so much pressure in society for men to look strong and never admit weakness, but this is bullshit. A strong man admits when he is weak, get’s help, and then becomes stronger and wiser from the knowledge gained.

A strong man admits when he is weak, get’s help, and then becomes stronger and wiser from the knowledge gained.

Lastly, I met Adeel Chaudhry last week through GoPakistan.com. He has started Pakistan’s first free counseling hotline. This guy and his team are fantastic and will listen to your problems with an open heart and offer advice. People, this is groundbreaking in Pakistan, and it will help change your society in a very positive way. I am so happy that someone dares to help everyone in Pakistan with mental healthcare issues, big or small. Do not hesitate to call them, swallow that nasty pride and seek help for what you need.

Click the link below to learn more about them.
Talk2Me - Mental Healthcare issues
Talk2Me – Mental Healthcare issues

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