How Can You Make Money From Blogging

How Can You Make Money From Blogging

In this post, you will learn how to make money from blogging!

You will first need to read “How Do I Start My Own Blog? A Comprehensive Guide” so you can get your blog set up!

How To Make Money With Your Blog

First and Foremost You Have To Build A Following!

In the book, Content Inc.: How Entrepreneurs Use Content to Build Massive Audiences and Create Radically Successful Businesses, you will learn that you need to build your audience before you sell them anything. To gain trust, build confidence and become an industry expert, you will need to show that you are committed and dedicated to your audience first. Once they believe in you and like your content, then you can start to introduce them to things that will help their lives for the better. If people end up buying the stuff you promote whether it’s your own product or someone else’s product (affiliate commissions), then you will be able to start earning money for your efforts. Remember the rule, build your audience first!

Do read Joe Pulizzi’s, Content Inc. before you start a blog. I did and I must say it’s working out quite well!


In order to build an audience larger and larger, you need visitors that come back to your blog. You can’t just always rely on new visitors to support your growth. For your blog traffic to grow, your audience has to have a healthy mix of new customers versus returning customers.

For your blog traffic to grow, your audience has to have a healthy mix of new customers versus returning customers.

How can you get returning visitors?
  1. You have to write compelling, engaging and high-quality content. If your content is excellent, then people will always come back for more!
  2. You need to try and get people to opt into your mailing list. This way you can contact them every time you post new content. You need to capture emails (with their opt-in of course) from the very beginning of your blog.
  3. Marketing experts always say, there is money in the list. It’s because once you have built a massive mailing list, you can contact those people over and over for a small amount. Why does it cost to send emails to a broad audience? It is because you will need a service to send out all those emails for you, so you don’t get your IP blocked. Services like Constant Contact, MailChimp and SendGrid can do this for you.

By, getting repeat visitors to your blog, you will start to earn commissions from affiliates when they click on your links. Setting up all of your affiliate links and signing up for all the different advertising networks is time-consuming. You will need set aside a little time each day to work on this.

Monetizing Your Blog

1.) Selling Advertisements

Once you have built a large following and an extensive email list, then you can start showing advertisements on your blog. You can reach out to local companies and see if they would be interested in advertising with you, or you can sign up for other affiliate programs. If you want to earn affiliate commissions from international companies, then you might have to go to each company and see if they have an affiliate program in place. If they do, then you have to sign up for it. Sometimes, they will belong to a larger affiliate marketing agency like CJ Affiliate (formerly known as Commission Junction). You will need to apply to that larger affiliate agency first. Once you get approved by the larger affiliate program, you will still need to seek approval from the individual companies that you want to represent. Here is a third-party blog article on how to get started with CJ Affiliate.

It is time-consuming, but well worth the efforts.

Once you have your blog set up and pointed to your affiliate links, you can make passive income for years to come.

If you want to skip having to sign up for all the different companies, you can always use Google Adsense. I personally do not like Google Adsense, I think the ads make your site look cluttered and junky, and Google doesn’t pay a lot of money for Asian traffic. However, if you do use Google Adsense, then Google will give you a code to add in the code of your blog. This code will do all of the work behind the scenes to add display advertisements on your pages. You will see all types of different ads and Google will decide what ads to show. You will be paid X amount per 1000 impressions your ads show. You will need a lot of page views to make decent money.

How much can you make with Adsense?

The amount depends on the following.

1. The number of page views your blog gets.

Again, it’s all about the readership. If you get a lot of traffic, then your ads will display more, and you will make more money.

2. Ad placements.

You will have the option with Adsense of putting Google ads in large or small images or in the text. You can also style where you place these ads on your website. Sites that are so full of ugly Google Adsense advertisements cause me to run away immediately. If someone cares more about trying to get me to click on an ad than giving me good content, then I do not want to be on that site any longer than I have to be. That’s why you see is clean, and I keep the junky ads off of this site. There is a balance that people must take, however. If your number one goal is to make money from your blog, then you do have to sacrifice good screen real estate to place a few ads. I beg you not to overdo it.

3. Your blogging website’s main topic.

The last factor in your Adsense profitability is your blog’s topic. Advertisers get to select where they will spend their money, and specific topics attract more advertisers than others.

For example, if your blog topic is about yachting, this means your readers are probably in a higher income bracket than the average person. Advertisers will want to spend more money on blogs like these so they can attract a higher income customer.

If you contrast this with a blog about Miley Cyrus, then your audience is likely young females that don’t have any spending power. Advertisers will likely pay a lower commission rate for this type of audience.

These are the main factors in determining your blogs earning potential. It is challenging to estimate precisely how much you will make based on your traffic figures and blog topics, but it is very possible that a blog on the right topics with the right traffic amount will bring in several thousand dollars per month. Of course, most will earn less and a few will make more and by more, I mean a LOT more. Some of the top Adsense publishers in the world earn over $1 – $2 million dollars per year.

2.) Selling Coaching Services

Are you an expert in a particular field and love to share your expertise with others? Then offer coaching services for an hourly rate. Do remember this is not a scalable option long-term because there are only so many hours in the day and you are the only person that can do the coaching. You will need to add staff and other coaches if you are going to be able to scale this model, so do make sure you charge enough to employ others.

3.) Write Blogs For Other People

If you’ve read my other articles then you will know that I say, “If you master the English language, then as a Pakistani you should never be out of work.” There is a huge demand for affordable, high-quality content writers in the world. Showcase your writing skills for the world through your blog and capture leads through your blog funnels to find you writing gigs.

4.) Create Your Own Online Courses

If you have expertise in a particular field then a more scalable approach from coaching is to create an online course and sell it. You can sell your courses on many websites such as:


Why would creating an online course be a more scalable option verses online coaching? Well, if you have a high enough quality course and your market it correctly, then your course can earn you money 24 hours / day.  The more you advertise it the more it will make you. So to make more money, you just scale up your advertising spend. With coaching, you are limited to the hours in the day or having to hire more coaches.


One thing I have read everywhere and am experiencing myself is that earning from your blog will take time and patience. My mission on is not to make money, but to provide a creative outlet for my writing skills, provide an excellent and endearing service to my readers and to try and advance regular ordinary Pakistanis professionalism so they can be more successful when dealing with international people. If I make a few bucks here and there to cover my costs, that would be GREAT.

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