Nike Ousts Top Execs For Bullying and Misconduct!

Nike Ousts Top Execs For Bullying and Misconduct!

Bullying and mistreating your employees is one of the lowest things you can do as a manager or executive.

I talk extensively about how managers and top-executives in an organization should lead by example and by coaching their employees into aligning with the company vision, mission and culture statements. Even the top companies in the world are immune to having some people in their ranks go rogue and serve their egos instead of serving the company.

Nike Brand President Trevor Edwards resigned suddenly amid complaints about poor workplace conduct, The Wall Street Journal reported. Interviews with more than a dozen former Nike employees, including senior executives, paint a picture of a workplace contaminated by a different behavior: corporate bullying. The workers say the sneaker giant could be a bruising place for both men and women, and that females did bullying, too. On May 8, Nike signaled as much when it confirmed four more exits stemming from an internal misconduct inquiry, including the departure of a woman with more than 20 years at the company.

Nike said on Friday that Jayme Martin, vice president and general manager of global categories, was no longer with the company. He reported to Trevor Edwards, president of Nike’s brand and a one-time CEO candidate, who stepped down from that role on Thursday. The Journal reported that Edwards and Martin protected male employees who mistreated women at the company. These subordinates bullied Nike workers in other departments, including people from other countries, the newspaper said.

In announcing Edwards’s exit, Nike said that current Chief Executive Officer Mark Parker will stay in the job beyond 2020, delaying a potential succession contest. We became aware of some behavioral issues that are inconsistent with Nike’s values of inclusivity, respect and empowerment,” said Parker in the company’s earnings call in mid-March. “I’m committed to ensure that we have an environment where every Nike employee can have a positive experience and reach their full potential.”

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I am happy Nike has recognized this behavior as unacceptable and I am happy they took action against these types of managers. If you have a manager in your company that bullies you or your co-workers, then you need to report this behavior to upper management. If your upper management ignores you and allows this type of behavior to continue, then you need to find another place work.

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