What U.S. States Should I Market My Pakistani Business To?

What U.S. States Should I Market My Pakistani Business To?

If anyone follows American politics they will quickly find out that the United States is virtually split down the middle as far as political beliefs go. This has a profound impact on how any foreign company should target their marketing efforts in order to not waste a lot of time, effort and energy in the wrong places. A quick look at how American states voted in the 2016 Presidential Election will reveal several key facts about how different regions might view Pakistani sales pitches.

2016 Presidential Election Voting Results

The majority of the population in the red states voted Republican, which means they voted for Donald Trump. These states will contain a majority of conservative valued, isolationist and protectionist thinkers that likely do not want their business or money leaving the United States for any reason. These states will be harder to target for a Pakistani sales team or business owner than the blue states on the map.

The blue states represent the more liberal thinkers and liberal voters that voted for Hillary Clinton. These states value fair immigration, inclusion of all people and are more open minded to working with international businesses and people. So from this map above, one can make a quick and easy assumption that the West Coast and North Eastern States would be a quick place to start setting some targeting goals. These blue states include: California, Oregon, Washington, Connecticut, New York, Maine, Massachusetts, Virginia, Maryland, Vermont, Minnesota, New Mexico, Colorado, Rhode Island, New Jersey and Illinois.

Now, here is where things get more interesting. Just because a state is colored red on the map doesn’t mean you should exclude it all together. Some of these red states were just barely red. Florida and Pennsylvania for example were nearly split 50/50. Further research is required to find out how the majority of residents voted in the large metropolitan areas of each state. For example: Austin, Texas is considered to be a very liberal city inside of a very large conservative state. So specific targeting should be considered inside of each city. Generally, large cities are more open to international businesses. Let’s dive into the state of Texas further.

2016 Texas Presidential Voting Results

As you can see a majority of the state of Texas voted Republican, however, there are a few very interesting areas to look at on this map. The first area is the blue county in the upper right. This county is called Dallas County, and it includes the city of Dallas, Texas. This is a very large American city of over 3 million people with a very strong and growing economy.

With the exception of the blue counties near the bottom and western border (not much population here), the other isolated blue counties on this map represent some of the largest cities in the United States. Austin, Houston and San Antonio are all in blue counties! So these cities should be on your target marketing lists as they are more likely to give you a chance to pitch your services.

How do you find other cities that voted blue? You just do a quick google search. Example: “Oklahoma 2016 Presidential Election Map By County.” One interesting fact you will find is that most of the larger urban areas of every state voted blue. This is due to a few reasons such as diversity and education levels, etc. People in larger cities are used to living around other people all different nationalities, races, religions and therefore are generally more inclusive and tolerant of each other. So again, just because a state is red, doesn’t mean the whole state needs to be excluded from your targeting. One exception to this rule is, you will find a few states that are ultra-red and your chances in these states are very low.  I happen to live in one of them, Oklahoma! I guess I’m the exception to another rule. Trying to find a person like me in the wrong state or area, is very slim, don’t waste your money and time trying to find needles in the haystack.

Click here to see each state’s voting percentages to determine ultra-red states to avoid. In my opinion, any state that voted over 55% red is a state to cross off your list. There won’t be enough opportunity even in the urban areas for you to invest your time.

Another important aspect to consider in all of this is how voting trends change. The United States has a presidential election every four years. Most states stay the same and continue to vote they way they have historically, but other states that are more split down the middle may flip-flop.  So it is good to also look at the past presidential election voting results to determine which way a state or city may be trending. Trends are your friend, so stay on the blue side of trends.

Lastly, make sure the city population is over 500,000, make sure the city is in a blue county and make sure you understand the city’s business opportunities well before you go all in with your marketing efforts. Of course there are exceptions to every rule and you can find people open-minded to international business in any situation, I am an example, but a huge part of marketing is trying to give yourself the best odds to be as successful as possible.

Good luck and let me know how it works!

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